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Oh boy, this one's a doozie. After running some maintenance on some outdated plugins and installing (hopefully) the last of the remaining updates, NJ and I decided (with NJ doing all the work) to add Slimefun to the server, a plugin some of you may know from playing on Windmill.

This plugin is absolutely HUGE. The amount of new stuff added into the game is monstrous and it can be almost too much to take in at once. New types of armor, weapons, blocks, tools, etc are all things you will see from SF.

Next time you log in, type /sf guide to receive your own little Slimefun book menu that will show you all the new content added in. It's all a bit too much to take in at once, especially since it's so sudden, but I ask you to please consult the Slimefun wiki with any questions/issues before you come to NJ and I because we're about as clueless as you. Only come to us if you want to report a bug/permissions issue.

Link to the Wiki

This is a really cool plugin and we're looking forward to your guys' feedback.


The BoS Staff
I have not been able to check if people play lately i have been busy either at work or moving but i fear that ther is no one playing the server whether this be from glitch or from lack of interest if it is for a glitch (jojo i am aware of yours) i can go on and fix it for you i have not totally given up but if people are not playing for lack of interest and do not give me a way to spice it up i am beginning to fail to see why i should continue to pay for the server. I will not give up as long as people play but if i am paying for a dead server it is money i can use elsewhere.
I am sorry for this note but it is true let me know before i lose all hope in renewing it when it becomes time to renew.
I have added a new plugin (PerWorldInventory(PWI)) to replace and re-establish multiverse inventories (MVinv) due to MVinv discontinuing their plugin though they do support the new one but its totally new to me and acts differently. I have done some small testing but i am only one person there are a dozen of you. I think it will do fine but i do want to let you know to be careful what you have on you when you move i will support returning items if you have proof of them (pictures prefered) should it be a server side issue and not a death or loss by other means.

There is a reason i installed this plugin, we were running just fine before with towny, quarry, nether and the end all having the same inventories but to run skyblock it requires a clean inventory which it does itself if you havent. This plugin seems to mitigate that and sets your skyblock inventory seperate and should set the economy different which, if so, means i can do some neat things with skyblock. As far as my testing has gone it seems like it will work and not delete your economy but to be safe PLEASE do not travel to skyblock with important items in hand.

So with the previous being said i would like to say skyblock is back and though still in the works it will be around to stay unless a bug arises.