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Beacon of Serenity

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Oh boy, this one's a doozie. After running some maintenance on some outdated plugins and installing (hopefully) the last of the remaining updates, NJ and I decided (with NJ doing all the work) to add Slimefun to the server, a plugin some of you may know from playing on Windmill.

This plugin is absolutely HUGE. The amount of new stuff added into the game is monstrous and it can be almost too much to take in at once. New types of armor, weapons, blocks, tools, etc are all things you will see from SF.

Next time you log in, type /sf guide to receive your own little Slimefun book menu that will show you all the new content added in. It's all a bit too much to take in at once, especially since it's so sudden, but I ask you to please consult the Slimefun wiki with any questions/issues before you come to NJ and I because we're about as clueless as you. Only come to us if you want to report a bug/permissions issue.

Link to the Wiki

This is a really cool plugin and we're looking forward to your guys' feedback.


The BoS Staff
Good evening people of BoS!

Just wondering how many of you still check the forums once in a while. Please make a quick comment when you read this.

Big changes are coming and we will need your help to sort things out. I want our server to shine again, getting active players (newcomers and veterans alike) involved in the process.

So as far as i am aware the server is about deserted. I understand the point to a server is to play with friends and if you play a server that is deserted it is kind of pointless to play, well how do we fix that i have tried ideas and failed. Hard to have ambition to add things or play myself when noone seems to use them. I mean look at the awesome lobby sky and karls built, all that and seems like noone logs on to look at it, enough where i gave up checking on the server.

I want to change the previous. I want to see beacon thrive. How are we going to do that? What do i need to install or bring to the table to make beacon thrive again? Any suggestions you guys like can be posted below. If we get some players online i will likely do a few videos of the server as its being played but it is kind of hard to do that with a ghost town. "And over here we have this awesome game of skyblock that noone plays".

I have gotten suggestions to start on 1.11.1 with a map reset, I know noone likes map resets so i was hoping to go to dual version maybe or update and run 2 different towny maps but unless i have support from the community in what you guy/gals want i don't want to waste my time.