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I have been doing a lot behind the scenes lately and you guys might like to know what it is. Also feel free to report short issues here (ex.: donator perks you should have and don't) I will keep adding onto this as I change things and update things.

Update #1
Fixed colored chat
Fixed the ban plugin

Known To Do:
Distribute colors to those deserving (letme know)
Add a Lobby structure
Finish installing two games
In recent events we are moving to a new host i am going to leave the server running on its current one until i get the new one set up but the issue being the world is saving as i type this meaning there will be some lost builds and items likely this is the warning i didnt plan to do this so fast. Sadly i likely wont have time to work on it tonight unless someone wants to send me 3 cases of mountain dew and monster in the next alf hour. Any who i aplogize but dont worry i hope this will bring bigger and better things being i have complete controll over this and can move and add stuff as i please
I hope to complete this before i have to leave but i had a few minutes to do this so i will try.
Server might be down at somepoint here and might be down sometime as i work.