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Beacon of Serenity

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The minigames have started to roll in, Mob arena has one arena at the time "Colosseum" give it a little try just dont bring valuables with you if you dont want to risk losing them. I am open to edits if needed.

Dont bring valuables when you starta MiniGame if you do NOT want to lose them in a inventory glitch!!!!
On the second floor of the Spawn shop, we now have player shops!

There are 10 shop areas with 6 chests each for $500 flat, and you can sell whatever you want in those chests. However, if you don't have an active shop or you just leave your chests empty, you will receive a warning, and if you still don't fix it by the end of the month after your warning, your shop will be taken back and sold to someone else.

Happy shopping!

Current shop owners:
Shop 1: VileFoxx
Shop 2: None
Shop 3: None
Shop 4: None
Shop 5:None
Shop 6: slopydragondude
Shop 7: None
Shop 8: None
Shop 9: None
Shop 10: None
So i think i got your attention in the title.
I am willing to set a Double XP Weekend the weekend after we make $20 in donations. If succesful i am willign to run it more often but maybe not for the same amount but lets try it. I am willing to run this til the end of March so get started.
**Offer valid on Beacon server only
**Double XP will start sometime Friday after we make $20 and i can configure the plugin.
Happy Trails