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Beacon of Serenity

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Hello Beaconoids!

Today, the owners of WindmillGaming (one of the owners being JPadgett29) and I had a discussion about merging servers so we could help each other out. Beacon of Serenity is my one and only server and right now needs some help getting back on its feet.

We will be merging as a BungeeCord server, and both worlds with have to be reset, however, we will be giving special reset kits and doing Chest Rollover! We hope this will allow players to continue playing as they do on both servers without having to completely start fresh.
Over the next few weeks, please send in requests here on the website to have a build saved as a schematic to be put in to the new world.

Also, we will be cross-ranking with server staff, so you will see some new players that have already obtained staff ranks, and same will go for WindmillGaming.

Please feel free to talk to staff about this change and how we can make this transition easier for you all, our community, as we would like to make this transition as smooth as possible.

I will be doing an evaluation on what staff we do and do not need to make room for the new staff members coming in

We will continue to keep you updated and we'll assist servers and players as needed.

Stay tuned for more news!

NJ and the WGSN

EDIT!!: Final day to claim a WE or Rollover chest is Jan. 30 Jan 27 for it to be ready for the merge on Feb. 1.
Some WE will be available until Feb. 28th but rollover chests will end on Jan 30 Jan 27
Announcing the YouTube Rank! I have decided as a promotional deal for both of us I will offer a small reward for those who meet the below requirements.
500+ - YouTube Subscribers
1 or more - Supporting 2 min BoS video judged by Admin/Staff

Prefix and Tag formatted as:
And I will allow it in custom colors and your name will be posted on the forums so others can watch your videos as long as they remain in support of us.

Post a functioning link to your supporting video with your YTName included in the comments below, DO NOT start a new topic it will be ignored.
Note: Please don't waste Staff time by requesting a review if qualifications are not met.
Opening tomorrow (5/17/2015).

Via suggestion I have created the survival world. A world with no perms, you are no better than the next guy and they are no better than you, not even towny can help you its all up to how well you can hide and how fast you mine. Its a 4,000 radius world (8,000x8,000) so there is no quarry there is a nether portals are at the spawn (little north) along with 4 other helpful portals each going 1,000 blocks from spawn but that doesn't help you find a home it just makes it easier to get back.

This world is almost basic survival, not even the mods have fly and they won't be teleporting you and your friends around. Griefing is legal so hide well I currently have lava and water buckets wither skull and dispensers enabled but if they are abused i will deny them. There is no /home /warp or any teleport commands excluding /spawn. Please i do not want to be fixing greif around the 5 server points in the world if you must grief go find someone else's house, though you are welcome to make a house right next to a point not well hidden but if it floats your boat make it pretty. The portals to the outposts are sea lamps and labeled from spawn if there is an issue at one tell me.

This is the time to add last minute suggestions. The world should open around mid day the portal is blocked at spawn now if you see it open its open.If you have an issue tell me about it, If you have a glitch tell me about it.