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Hello hello to my favourite beaconoids!

Firstly... I hope you all have (had) a wonderful Christmas! :)

Now.... We have decided that we are going to bring back the old donation ranks. AND that we'll combine them with the new ones. This means that donors will get even MORE cool things! Yaaay!! :biggrin: I have worked out how the ranks will work, and now I just have to update the website and backend perms (which I plan to do hopefully in the morning if my family doesn't all drop in XD )



Hi guys and gals,
We have some exciting news for you all today :smile: We now have some fun new perk ranks for you all! :biggrin: Some of you will already know of them as they have been live for a few days now, but we had not yet announced them as we have been doing some bug fixes on them. So here goes...

New Donor Ranks
So, we have new donor ranks! :smile: Now there's not much there now but we are looking into adding some fun things like chairs and echopets (they're currently on the list but they have yet to be implemented).
Hop on over here ( and check out the donor ranks! :smile:
If you think of any other perks that you think the donors should/could have then tell us all your grand ideas in the Suggestion Box! (

In-game/Time Earned Perks
Even more exciting are the new time earned perks. The time you spend in game (among other things) is now monitored, check below for the related commands. To see how much time each rank costs and what perks you get for each rank pop on over to If you have any issues or have any ideas on what else you would like to see please leave them in the complaints ( and suggestions (link above) sections of the forums respectively.

Currently there are no prefixes for the ranks, all ranks just make your name coloured to light red. But we may add in different colours for each rank in the future.

Autorank Commands...