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  1. benmcc1000
  2. Th3bossman real acc
    Th3bossman real acc
    If anyone has/plays on a server it would be cool to catch up for a bit
  3. slopydragondude
    What ever happened to mcmmo i love that stuff
    1. NJ2013
      didnt know it was gone
      Sep 12, 2017
  4. XxMasterRoyalexX
  5. Tiny_Giant
    Tiny_Giant NJ2013
    what happened to the special tools? explosive picks and such?
    1. NJ2013
      id have to look likely slimefun is out of date
      Aug 17, 2017
  6. minerminor79er
    I'm probably going to be returning to beacon
  7. Frosnite
  8. Master_Reius
    If we can keep it alive! Thy Master is back!
  9. Master_Reius
    Master_Reius EmilyFrances
    Miss you miss Em!
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  10. Master_Reius
    Master_Reius Guardian_Espeon
    Well....well...well... guess who still the grand champion of Pokémon combat!
  11. Master_Reius
    Master_Reius Brent
    hey buddy, poke me sometime!
  12. Master_Reius
    Master_Reius NJ2013
    Hey old friend! poke me about the server, might be able to help out
  13. Colossus
    I's sad that this server may be shut down. I spent so many late nights on here in earlier years....
  14. Tiny_Giant
    Tiny_Giant NJ2013
    Hey even though I haven't been online for quite some time, I'm still here. I just don't have internet right now.
  15. slopydragondude
    I cant seem to log in it always tells me that I've exceeded the maximum number of registrations for my connection
    1. NJ2013
      i removed that plugin a while back let me look
      Jun 28, 2017
    2. slopydragondude
  16. Jojoboyks
    Jojoboyks NJ2014
    I rebuilt the heated pressure chamber couldn't wait any longer... however I just went to move my carbon press 3 and the samething just happened, it dropped a piece of black glass :( that one took a lot to make... please remove the glass drop plugin it is messing with being able to move slimefun machines around
  17. Telawin
    umm... I can't log in. it wants me to register a password but it won't let me.
    1. NJ2013
      i dropped that plugin now that the wah babies left i think
      Jun 13, 2017
  18. Jojoboyks
    Jojoboyks NJ2014
    not sure how you are doing on the electrical machines but i just lost my level 2 heated pressure chamber, it just dropped as a glass block instead of the heated pressure chamber was wondering if you could drop a new one in my mail box or catch me later tonight to talk about the issue... take it easy man... that thing cost a bit on materials...
    1. NJ2013
      i will look into it i just got internet
      Jun 6, 2017
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  19. terrancejones
    Someone helped me with my problem, thank you!
  20. terrancejones
    Mmgh... Towny is still broken...