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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by NJ2013, Jul 8, 2017.

By NJ2013 on Jul 8, 2017 at 6:29 PM
  1. NJ2013

    NJ2013 Owner Staff Member Owner

    I have not been able to check if people play lately i have been busy either at work or moving but i fear that ther is no one playing the server whether this be from glitch or from lack of interest if it is for a glitch (jojo i am aware of yours) i can go on and fix it for you i have not totally given up but if people are not playing for lack of interest and do not give me a way to spice it up i am beginning to fail to see why i should continue to pay for the server. I will not give up as long as people play but if i am paying for a dead server it is money i can use elsewhere.
    I am sorry for this note but it is true let me know before i lose all hope in renewing it when it becomes time to renew.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by NJ2013, Jul 8, 2017.

    1. gkid117
      Can we Talk?
    2. DerpyMinion
    3. slopydragondude
    4. NJ2013
      supposedly that server has been disabled for months slopy i can do more to delete it but not sure what without more details about where and if it still does it
    5. NJ2013
      So it has been decided that the server will not be renewed in december unless one of following conditions are met:
      1 someone donates enough to cover the server for $42 a month
      2 someone with history with the server without conflict of interest wants to assist with maintenance and ideas to revive the server maybe including some assistance with the bills
      3 someone with history and knowledge of the server (essentially staff) would like to help maintain the server i would be willing to continue the bills

      I am open to suggestions or barters to keep the server going but as of now i cannot justify the server when it appears to be dead or close to it besides a few veteran players.

      If the server is not renewed the forums will go down as well though i at this time plan to keep the IP for at least a year in case we wish to revive it. The IP will not be sold to anyone should one of the above conditions be met i would like to maintain partial status the server would not be sold unless the new owner could prove themselves. All data is being backed up as i type this and will be kept on my PC certain information may be given out with justification the server will not be handed out for one being the size of it

    6. Colossus
      It sucks this server became less was one of my favorites in my Minecraft prime. Shame....
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    7. Master_Reius
      Hum NJ...about the you know, maybe keep the server alive...and with history..Hi!
    8. NJ2013
      slopy i think i figured out why it wasnt changing i made a rookie mistake and i think i fixed it now check it out let me know when you can
    9. Master_Reius
    10. NJ2013
      sounds like we have a player willing to donate to keep the server open if we can make half of the monthly bill (server only the rest is cheap enough) i will keep the server rolling if we can make more than half awesome i will do what i can to make a bar to say how much we have accumulated
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    11. Master_Reius
      No worry! at least half per month shall the Master offer to BoS!
    12. Frosnite
      I am willing to return as well, I started a local server with some friends 2 weeks ago and I am pretty sure they would not mind switching to a more reliable server. We can Skype sometime this week to discuss it further ;)
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    13. NJ2013
      glad to see you back fros and any ideas you or your friends have speak up
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    14. Frosnite
      3 of my friends cannot join my personal server, so I think it is a win win if we all join on BoS. I have some time tonight to check that out! I can check if we can bump to 1.12 too, most plugins seem to have been updated. I'll be on slack if you still have it, else PM and I'll get on skype ;)!
    15. NJ2013
      server should be 1.12 havent updated any plugins yet if i get on tonight likely that is all i will be doing
    16. Tiny_Giant
      I've never left the server, just my logging in was a little intermittent for a while.

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