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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by NJ2013, May 6, 2016.

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  1. NJ2013

    NJ2013 Owner Staff Member Owner

    So we are set up to where i can add a few games we have way more server than we need to run just the towny world on it we can easily run a few games aswell as some games that need their own server for set up. I have skywars in the works if the Dev would ever get back to answering questions and tell me why the lobby wont work!!!!!. I am checking into "the hidden" if i can get a plugin but what else do you guys like this is open for any type single player, team, free for all less players needed the more likely it will be popular.
  2. Garry

    Garry Slimiest slime of all the slimes

    the lobby wont work because it is broken :D youre welcome i should get admin now
  3. NJ2013

    NJ2013 Owner Staff Member Owner

    thats not what i was asking and i fixed the lobby now (restarted) but i dont have skywars fixed yet
  4. Skyturtle

    Skyturtle New Member


    This may be a stretch whether it's possible or not, but i was thinking a kind of Mario Party styled game. Each player gets a turn moving a random amount of places, and some spaces will give items you can use in mini-games, like an item that slows everyone down. You get coins or tokens, whatever you'd like to call em' depending on how you place in the mini-game, it also depends on how many people play the game, 6 players could play at max. 1st gets 10, 2nd gets 9, 3rd gets 8, and so on and so forth. Players will move around the board getting nether stars which will cost 30 coins (very innovative i know). Games will be 10 rounds long, players with the most stars win, every 50 coins a player has could be turned into a star. Mini-games will be after every player moves or does their turn. Basically just add Mario party or any other party like mini-game.

    Might be fun :)
  5. Guardian_Espeon

    Guardian_Espeon Pokemon Champ Staff Member Admin

    I dunno about that, I think the best we can do is a series of random minigames similar to WarioWare, although we can look into a Mario Party plugin
  6. Skyturtle

    Skyturtle New Member

    Yea, thought it sounded like a stretch. But WarioWare sounds fun though!
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 100 days old.

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